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  • AdZENtures Meditation

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    Join Lindsey for an outdoor meditation session. Whether you're brand new to meditation or have been practicing for a while, this guided session is short and meant to help you stay focused on the here and now! Quiet your mind, improve your health and relax with AdZENtures Meditation!

  • AdZENtures in Swing Creek

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    AdZENtures takes us outside to a gorgeous, river setting for our beginner flow. This practice is great for those who are new to the practice or experienced practitioners looking to go back to the basic foundations of the typical poses found in a standard vinyasa session.

  • AdZENtures in Glacier Forest

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    Join us outside in Glacier, WA for a slow flow, focused on the foundational aspects of common yoga poses found in many vinyasa classes. Modifications offered. Great for beginners!

  • Digital Decompress - Yin Yoga (Spleen + Stomach)

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    Join Collette and Camila for another Digital Decompress Yin. Express class, 33 minutes on your mat. Class is designed to focus on the spleen and stomach.

    Suggested props: 2 blocks, blanket and a bolster
    At home substitutions:
    Instead of blocks, use board games or books
    Instead of a bolster, u...