CrossFit Broadway

CrossFit Broadway

In 2010 Jason Kelly, Kiwi from the South Island of New Zealand, opened up his gym, CrossFit Broadway. With a strong, athletic background as a professional Rugby player and a World Champion CrossFit Competitor, finishing 9th in his division, Jason wanted to share his knowledge and passion with others. As the owner of this gym for the past 10 years he has a wealth of experience that he has been able to share with athletes of all levels. A believer in mastering the basics first and making health and wellness your top priority, he looks forward to having you attend his classes virtually or in person, where you will see a variety of movements and skill work to suit any level!

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CrossFit Broadway

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    Follow along on this 1-week Wellness Routine. We've designed this collection of wellness content from various providers that allow you to move your body in a variety of ways over the course of 7 days. We incorporate a variety of activities ranging from yoga, CrossFit, weighted workouts and outdoo...


  • CrossFit Broadway Full Body

    8 minute full body warm-up flow, followed by a 12 minute strength segment and finishing up with 15 minutes of conditioning with your favorite coach, Jason!

  • CrossFit Broadway - Full Body 2

    Join CFB for another AMAZING workout!
    35 minute workout!
    8 minute warm-up
    12 minutes strength
    2 Rounds of conditioning - 15 minute time cap!

    Grab a heavy weight or text book or whatever you can find at home and join us!

  • CrossFit Broadway - Full Body 3

    Duck Walk - Inchworm - Rocking Aductor - Single Arm Swing
    Alt Pistol Squat - Z-Press - Single Arm Hang Split Clean
    Heel Touches - Superman Hold

  • CrossFit Broadway - Full Body 4

    8 minute warm-up: Duck Walk - Inchworm - Rocking Aductor - Single Arm Swing
    18 minute Workout Part 1: Alt Pistol Squat - Z-Press - Single Arm Hang Split Clean
    12 minute conditioning: Single Arm Deadlift, V-Ups, Wall Walks, Shoulder Taps in Plank

  • CrossFit Broadway - Full Body 5

    8 minute warm-up: Jumping Jacks, Tempo Waiter Squats, Tempo Push Ups
    "Chucka Workout" - Burpees, Single Arm Thrusters, Hop Overs
    90 seconds of work, 30 seconds REST!

  • CrossFit Broadway - Full Body 1