Dance with Jen_ 54 Mins

Dance with Jen_ 54 Mins

Join Jen and DJ Nyoki for a fun-filled, energetic dance workout, suitable for anyone!

Jen has always had a passion for dance. She is a classically trained ballet, tap, jazz, and hip hop dancer.
In college, she discovered her passion for disco and house music. As a self-critical ballet dancer, she loved that dancing to disco and house music allowed her a freedom in dance form that she had never known; a form of meditation that let her enjoy the present moment.
After attending different dance fitness classes across the country, she loved parts of classes, but one thing she missed was the music that moved her.
This is what inspired her to use her time in quarantine to teach herself how to mix music and develop choreography and restorative stretches, ultimately creating the disco dance experience of her dreams.
Dance with Jen is an exercise of JOY that will not only help you meet your fitness goals, but also make you feel more confident, stress free, connected, and inspired.

Dance with Jen_ 54 Mins
  • Dance with Jen_54 Mins

    Join Jen for a high-energy and fun-filled cardio dance class! Start with some stretching and jump right into the fun. Suitable for all levels, take breaks when needed. 54 minutes of movement!

    Playlist created by DJ Nyoki!