Weekly Wellness Routine - Breathe & Restore

Weekly Wellness Routine - Breathe & Restore

Looking for more guidance in your wellness routine? Are you feeling overdrawn, worn out or anxious?

We've put together a list of our suggested wellness experiences for you to follow throughout this week. This wellness routine includes yoga, meditation, yin and mindful adventures. These are suggestions to help keep you focused and committed to your wellness routine. Incorporate more content, switch it up for a different experience or take a day off!

This is your wellness routine, do what's best for your health and wellbeing!

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Weekly Wellness Routine - Breathe & Restore
  • Slow Flow with Collette_50 Mins

    Join Collette for a slow flow and functional movement practice! Options to bring props such as blanket or pillows.

  • Restorative Movement with Camila_40 Mins

    Join Camila for another restorative Yin yoga session. 40 minutes on your mat!

    Suggested props: 2 blocks, bolster, blanket
    At home substitutions: instead of blocks, use board games; instead of bolsters use pillows or couch cushions

  • Beginner Flow with AdZENtures_42 Mins

    If you're brand new to yoga or an experienced practitioner looking to take a step back and dive into the basics for a refresh, this is a great segment for you! We break down some of the foundational poses that make up a standard vinyasa yoga session. No experience required

  • Restorative Yoga with Collette_56 Mins

    Join Collette for a relaxing and restorative practice for your body and mind. 1-hour flow. Collette teaches in a very mindful way, creating sequences designed specifically to rejuvenate and replenish in every way.

  • Root Chakra Flow with Lizzy Allen_60 Mins

    Lizzy explains a bit about the root chakra, the base chakra that is responsible for safety, security, abundance and basic human needs. This is the most Earth-related chakra and get in touch with our basic humanness.
    Connect to the Earth and feel grounded with this alignment-based practice with L...

  • Restorative Yoga with Digital Decompress_30 Mins

    Join Collette and Camila with Digital Decompress, for a short, restorative session with lots of heart openers!

    Suggested props: 2 blocks, blanket, bolster
    At home substitutions:
    - Instead of bolsters - pillows or couch cushions
    - Instead of blocks - books or board games


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