Under 30

  • iRest Yoga Nidra with Camila_18 Mins

    Enjoy this wonderfully, relaxing iRest Yoga Nidra practice with Camila Matos. She includes a short introductory video along with an 18-minute recording that is accessible for any level of practitioner!

  • iRest Yoga Nidra with Camila_25 Mins

    Join Camila for a restorative iRest Yoga Nidra session. This is a great way to relax and down-regulate your nervous system. Be sure to watch our iRest introductory video for further explanation on the practice of Yoga Nidra that you'll experience in this video! Enjoy this relaxing experience!

  • Slow Flow with AdZENtures_25 Mins

    Enjoy peaceful nature sounds and views on the dock of a quaint cove on Lake Cherokee. Kelly guides this 25-minute sequence of centering and grounding movements to start out. Then begin to elevate the heart rate while maintaining smooth breaths during vinyasa flows. Finally, transition into slowe...

  • Express Flow with Collette_23 Mins

  • Vinyasa with AdZENtures_30 Mins

    We are working an alignment-based vinyasa flow that is focusing on balance and legs. Slow and intentional movement, allowing time to activate and tune into the smaller muscles as well as the large ones.

  • Slow Flow with Seaside Yoga_30 Mins

    Join Lindsey C at Seaside Yoga in Oregon for an alignment-based, vinyasa yoga session available for all-levels.

  • Vinyasa with AdZENtures_30 Mins

    We are continuing our exploration of the PNW! This is one of the fun destinations of our PNW AdZENture retreat. I love exploring the PNW and seeking out amazing spots that are secluded and gorgeous no matter the weather! This is a breezy but good spot!

  • Yin for Better Sleep with Digital Decompress_20 Mins

    Join the Digital Decompress team, Camila and Collette, for a relaxing and restorative practice for improving your sleep. 20 mins!

  • Meditation with AdZENtures_12 Mins

    Join Lindsey for a short, outdoor meditation session. 10 minutes to dedicate to your breath and quieting your mind. Decompress and relax with a sensory meditation.

  • Flowy Vinyasa with AdZENtures_30 Mins

    Slow flow with focus on stability and mindfulness in the body. Available for all levels and beginners.

  • Seated Stretch and Meditation with Digital Decompress_22 Mins

    Join the Digital Decompress team, Camila and Collette, for a short session of seated stretches followed by a relaxing and restorative meditation. 22 minutes!

  • Vinyasa with AdZENtures_26 Mins

    Join Lindsey and AdZENtures on the coast of Washington for a beginner-friendly flow, focusing on the lower body. Enjoy strengthening exercises as well as balancing poses incorporated into this 26 minute session!

  • Vinyasa with AdZENtures_30 Mins

    We took a little road trip for outdoor yoga on Mt. Hood in Oregon this week! Yoga outside is what AdZENtures is all about and today did not disappoint! Sunny day with blue skies and a gorgeous setting. Thank you Mt. Hood for your hospitality for our all-levels, alignment-based yoga flow.

  • VinYin with Digital Decompress_20 Mins

    Get your body moving followed by a relaxing yin practice to help you work wellness into your busy day!

    Optional props:
    - Bolster or pillows
    - Blocks or books
    - Blanket

  • Mid-hike Movements with Lizzy Allen_10 Mins